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We understand how overwhelming this process can often be.  Sometimes it is hard to even identify what you can remove from your to-do list and hand to someone else.  We've listed a few examples below of tasks that we can handle, but this is not a comprehensive list.    Send us an email for more information!

Example #1

Communication Management:   Client ABC has an overflowing inbox, unanswered Facebook messages, and a long list of return calls to make.   She has been trying to keep up, but she is finding out that many of the emails are simple tasks that are taking up way too much of her time.  Her focus on bigger business matters is shot and the business is not moving forward.

How we can help:   We can manage all avenues of communication for your business.  Many of our clients have different needs and we offer a wide variety of services.  An example would be helping to weed out simple tasks and leave the bigger issues to you.  Or maybe you just want someone to stay on top of email messages.  

Example #2

Digital File Organization & Storage:   Client XYZ needs help setting up a cloud based filing system.  Client has recently added team members and needs to be consistent in their digital organization. 

How we can help:   Our team is experienced in many different cloud based filing systems.  We can help you choose your platform and find the best organization method for your company.  In addition, we can help maintain your filing system and train new team members. 

Example #3

General Assistance:   Client MNO needs a variety of administrative help, including travel arrangements, calendar management, and expense tracking.  In addition, Client MNO is in need of a personal assistant to just help keep him on track and projects moving.  

How we can help:  We have a diverse backgroud of administrative experience.  Most of our clients use our personal assistant services to help with day to day operations.  

Example #4

Project Management:   Client RST is in need of project management.  This person will help facilitate the moving parts and pay attention to the details.   

How we can help:  Our team can assist with communication, follow up, and details related to your projects.  We help keep it moving along and make sure all of the correct pieces are in place. 

Example #5

Social Media Management:   Client RST is also in need of social media management.  They are finding that social media channels are not consistenly updated and there is no plan in place for their social media presence.  

How we can help:  Our team will work with the client to create a monthly plan, help with idea generation, creation of graphics, and reporting.  We work with our clients on content and will help guide you through the process.  We can also help with setting up the social media platforms and more!

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