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3 Reasons To Let a Client Go

It is hard to imagine tellng a paying customer that you no longer wish to provide them services. At least for me, it WAS hard to imagine. When I first started my business, I was naive enough to believe that I should take whatever work was offered to me to gain experience. I felt that it would be detrimental to me to turn something away - because what if another one never came?

As it turns out, clients will come and go. I have had several who have used my services for awhile, left, and then came back when my services were needed again. Unfortunately, I have also had some nightmare clients that I just had to let go. Here are 3 reasons to let a client go:

1. Disrespect: Once a client asked me if I was some kind of an idiot. I'm clearly not, nor am I perfect. As soon as I realized that he was a person that would speak to a colleague in that way, I ended the arrangement. I told him I did not appreciate being talked to that way and no apology was offered. This was clearly someone I did not (nor still don't) want to do business with. I've also had clients who had no respect for hours outlined in agreements and demanded prioritization. Again, the VA / Client relationship should not work that way.

2. Non-communication: I definitely don't expect to be micro-managed, but I do expect a response in a reasonable amount of time. It is a busy world as everyone says. When we are working together, it is a partnership. Follow up is a normal part of my day, but babysitting is not. I strive to respond to my clients promptly and I expect the same from them.

3. Unsuitable Projects or Tasks: It is hard to say no, especially to a client. If you hate the tasks you are doing, it is hard to stay motivated and pretty soon you have an unhappy client. Be honest up front if you are asked to take on something you just cannot do or do not want to do. Don't be afraid to say no. If you know of another contractor that can help, don't be afraid to refer your client/potential client to that person. You are likely to be remembered and referred. If the deal goes sour, no referrals and potentially bad reviews regarding your services.

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