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I would most highly recommend Sara Roberts and Admin Envy for all company or corporate administrator assistance. Sara has completed several very successful projects, such as our company website Sara has been the backbone and in many cases the voice of my companies. I wanted to outline Sara's strengths below to inform anyone reading this testimonial how multi-functional, highly adaptive to change and collaborating very well with other company team members.  


  • Very personable, easy to speak to when collaborating.

  • Training director.

  • Report management.

  • Teleconference management.

  • Project coordinator.

  • Document review and editing.

  • Travel arrangement coordinator.

  • Project buildout coordinator.

The list provided above is only a very small sample of what Sara has personally completed and facilitated for my companies to date. 


I can go on about how well Sara has performed during her time with my companies however anyone that gets an opportunity to work with Sara will not be disappointed and can expect professional, well timed overall performance.


Anyone that would like to speak with me directly about my reference of Sara or Admin Envy please feel free to contact me.

Sam Derr, Owner and President of Elite Food Safety Training, Inc. 
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