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Communication-A Constant Battle

Do you feel overwhelmed with emails and calls? Do you ignore your inbox to the point it is overflowing with no end in sight?

Often times business owners forget that they still need to take the time to listen and respond to their customers. This is vitally important for both current and potential customers. Your current customers need to feel valued and potential customers need to feel heard. There is a growing trend of "I'm too busy" and we are way too comfortable to just leave people hanging.

I don't know how many times I have sent an email to someone that goes unanswered. Or gets answered only after I have had to follow up numerous times. I've even experienced this with leaving voicemails. In my opinion, there is never a good excuse to not answer someone who has reached out to you. It's etiquette 101. It is my practice to respond in some way as soon as possible, even if that response is "I'll check into it." My client knows that I have seen the email or heard the message and that I will add to my list.

One service that most Virtual Assistants offer is checking email or staying on top of communication. That might also include answering Facebook messages or answering a phone. If you find yourself with not enough time in the day for these tasks, then you would benefit from a VA helping you with that. A good assistant will be able to help you prioritze follow up calls or emails and maximize the time you spend on communication. He or she can filter out smaller requests and tasks and take care of those as they come in. Most of the time we also can make small changes to processes to help streamline overall.

Feeling overwhelmed? Find out how Admin Envy can help with a FREE 1/2 hour consultation.

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